How To Make Your Money Work For You

By doing yourself what the banks do with your money, you will see far better returns. Week ending 23/10/2020 I received a return of 6.02%. You can do the same. Don’t give your money to the banks

Making your money work for you isn’t as hard as you may think. The banks are taking advantage of you lack of knowledge. They use your money to make huge profits for themselves and give you a pittance in return. Do what they do and make returns of between 5 and 15% per week.

Past performances are not a guarantee of future performances.

Vlog No 2 Sunrise To Sunset

Sunrise To Sunset and my day in between. Starting with a morning meditation. Catching up on business emails. Working on my website. Having a few calls with prospects and my team members. Amending my ad campaigns and that is my morning over as an Online Business Owner. A spot of lunch then out for a walk along the Costa Del Sol coastal boardwalk for a few hours. I never thought I would be building an online business at my age. I must say I am really enjoying the experience. You are never too old to learn something new and it keeps the brain ticking over. If you want to start your own online business then I have three free video workshops presented by my mentor, where he explains the various ways to start an online business. Click this link to get access to them.

Vlog 001 You Are Never To Old

You Are Never Too Old To Learn Something New

Dance Lessons, Celebrating My Wife’s Birthday, Working On My Online Business

My wife’s Birthday and having a private dance lesson to learn how to Jive. I am definitely not a dancer but I am happy to learn because I know how much my wife loves to dance. We have had dance lessons in the past but because I worked shifts it was impossible to go every week, It was like starting all over again each time I went. I always said we should have private dance lessons. Well now we are retired we have decided to have those private lessons in order to accelerate the learning process. Having a dance coach is to sure way to learn how to dance properly and quickly. The same goes for having a business coach. If you want to learn how to build an online business, one of the things you need is a business coach. Someone who is already where you want to go. Someone who already has the skills. This is just what I have and it makes building an online business that much easier. Find out more about the business I am building by clicking this link Get access to the same free video workshops where my own online business journey all started

What Is Gratitude?

What Is Gratitude? The blind boy was begging on the street with a sign that said “I am blind, please help” He had a few coins in his cap but most people just walked on by. Then one man noticed the boy and on a piece of cardboard he wrote a few words and gave the sign back to the boy.

Later in the day the man came back to the boy to see how he was doing. The boys cap was full of coins. The boy recognised the mans footsteps from earlier in the morning and asked what he wrote that made all the difference. The man said “I wrote….Today is a beautiful day but I cannot see it” 

Both signs speak the truth, the first sign just said “I am blind’ the second sign convayed to everyone passing just how grateful they should be that they could see.   When your life is full of trouble it seems difficult to maintain an attitude of gratitude but being grateful for the things we do have, puts our lives in to perspective. Have we really got something to complain about. On the other hand when things are going smoothly we simply forget to be thankful.   So what is gratitude? Simply put gratitude is a habit, it is a way of looking at the world and all the things in it with appreciation regardless of whether or not your current situation is to your liking. Gratitude is a heart centered approach to being at peace with yourself and with all you have.   When you practice this feeling of gratitude you will attract more things in to your life for which to be grateful.    Why not try this simple exercise, first thing in the morning write down three things you are grateful for, this will start your day with gratitude. Do this everyday for a few weeks, think of three different things each day and see what a difference it makes.