What Happens When You Listen To That Inner Voice

What Happens When You Listen To That Inner Voice. Yesterday was a bit of an emotional day. The self doubt was setting in. I was listening to that inner voice. You know the one I mean, the one that tells you that “you can’t do this” and it was getting me down. How I got over it was by contacting our online SFM community. It was just purely by chance that is happen but it certainly helped me get over this down period. I am over it now and back on track. I am very grateful to the members of our community, being a new member of this community I didn’t realise how important it is to belong to this community whilst being on this journey. I do now. I now know I am not on my own on my journey. It brings great comfort to know that. Working online can be a very lonely business, it is just you and your computer. This is why having a community of like minded people who are on the same journey is so important. They were there when I needed them.

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