It Is Not All About Money

It Is Not All About Money.

This is video 6 of my 90 video challenge. In this video I chart my progress within SFM. This is day 28 and I have learnt a load of new skills including video marketing and the learning process continues.

I am enjoying this journey immensely. I am going back to basics and stating to build an online lifestyle business from scratch, at 66 years of age I am starting again because what I have done in the past has not worked.

If you are like me either retired or approaching retirement and you want a successful online lifestyle business then get in touch by placing a comment below.
It takes commitment, hard work but I don’t find it hard work because I enjoy what I am doing. Join our community of like minded people who are there to help along with your mentor and coach.
The time to act is now. You are never too old to learn. Click my link above or below to get started.

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