Spiritual Consciousness – A Personal Journey

Spiritual Consciousness – A Personal Journey

About This Book

Spiritual Consciousness is nonfiction, it is a journey of one person’s journey from a young boy to adulthood. His experiences encounters many aspects of life and life beyond death. It encompasses family and friends, happiness and heartache.

This book is not about thrills and spills of fiction, it is one person’s life with the usual daily routines intersected with these extracurricular experiences. It is these experiences that he encounters that are important, experiences that many people don’t have but if you do then don’t be fearful, embrace them and learn from them.

Many children have such experiences and it is in some cases that the parents don’t know how to handle it, they think their child is abnormal but they are not, they require guidance and understanding. This book is the story of Kevin’s personal journey and his experiences he encountered.

Spiritual Journey – A Personal Journey

Meet my brother Kevin the author.

This is my brother Kevin the author

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